Goodbye Miss Perry

We have been privileged to have had a lovely student, Miss Perry, with us every Wednesday for the last few months. Today was her last day with us and we will really miss her. She has helped us so much and we have really appreciated everything she has done for us. We wish her well and hope to see her again one day. Goodbye Miss Perry. 


Maths in the sunshine!

This week, some of us went outside to get familiar with equivalent fractions, with a challenge to use certain numbers. When we’d got a good grasp of how to do it, we went back to the rest of the group and set them the same challenge! Some of our numbers got quite large – it really got our brains ticking over!


Reading Tip #3

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Here is your weekly reading tip.  As mentioned in an earlier post, the children have really enjoyed hearing from all the staff as we shared our top ten books, ranging from the first book we could remember as a child through to what we are reading now.  Some books grabbed our imaginations, some reminded us of a particular person or event, and some shaped or defined our thinking in some way or other.  It was also quite fun for us to take a trip down memory lane, so we are inviting you to do the same with your child! Have fun!