Head Teacher Awards 14.10.16 – and it’s a double whammy this week!


Well, we have five awesome Ospreys to celebrate this week; two from this week, and three from a previous week, when the Year 4s were away on camp!

Let’s start with our budding Year 5 writers, Louie, Bella and Christian, who smashed it with a fantastic character description in their Stone Age stories.  They thought really carefully about how their characters looked, sounded and behaved, and tried to create a personality that their reader could relate to.  Have a read for yourselves…

Here is Louie’s work.  His character is called ‘Person’ because he is from the Stone Age:


And here is Bella’s work.  She has based her character on ‘Eep’, from the Croods:


And this is Christian’s work about a caveman called Cooper:


Aren’t they impressive pieces of work?  The attention to detail was particularly pleasing and really brought their characters to life!

As well as writing some super stories, Osprey class have been making Stone Age jewellery.  (Visit our last post to find out more about these creations!)  This week, Maja and Connor received the Head Teacher Awards for their excellent examples of these ancient artefacts, which would have been carefully constructed using animal bones and shells.  Take a look at them:

Don’t they look great?  I wouldn’t mind wearing these as a matching set!

Well done to these five children, and to the rest of the class too, for their hard work as always!



Stone Aged Art and DT

The children have been learning about Skara Brae, a Neolithic settlement on the Orkney Islands, just off Scotland.  It is believed to have been inhabited between the years of 3200BC-2200BC.  It was rediscovered in 1850 during a great storm, which ripped off the top layer of earth of a grassy mound, then called ‘Skerrabra’, and revealed the ancient site.  There lies 8 small dwellings linked by narrow passages, and suggests that early humans began to settle in one place, rather than being on the move continually.  The children have been thinking like archaeologists, and trying to figure out what the artefacts found there may have been used for.

For the last couple of weeks, Ospreys have been developing their Art and DT skills with a couple of on-going projects.  Above are just a few pictures showing them in the midst of making Stone Aged jewellery using modelling material and sawing wood to create Stone Aged shelters.

Year 4 Residential to Folly Farm


The Year 4s had a fantastic overnight stay last week at Folly Farm, an educational centre just outside Bristol.  The accommodation, with its far-reaching views, was superb and the surrounding woodlands were waiting to be explored!

We squeezed in so many activities in just a couple of days: mini-beast hunting; making a home for a small mammal; pond-dipping; using identification charts; dissecting owl pellets; setting up humane traps to catch small mammals, filled with plenty of food and straw for their overnight stay, and releasing them the following morning; night walking; listening out for owls and bats; shelter building and fire-lighting!

We also enjoyed the delicious evening meal and cooked breakfast, eating our packed lunches out on the lawn, cooking over a fire and sharing a room with friends.  A huge amount of fun was fitted into 30 hours! Most of the photos are on the school website, but here are a few to whet your appetite…

‘Space Voyagers!’

The Year 5s and Year 3s combined made up our new group of ‘Space Voyagers’ this week whilst the year 4s were having a great time at camp.

It really was a privilege to see such maturity and kindness from the year 5s, who welcomed the year 3s and showed them the Osprey ropes!

They had lots of fun researching and making the solar system then presenting their findings to the class.  We also looked at how rockets worked with particular interest in Saturn V and the moon landings. They enjoyed recreating rockets out of K’Nex and evaluating their and their peers engineering skills. On top of all this they managed to cram in a rugby session- phew! What a fun filled couple of days- well done ‘Space Voyagers!’

Osprey astronomy!

Osprey had a fantastic science session today, where they had the chance to learn about the relative size of the solar system.

The budding Buzz Aldrins had fun recreating the solar system out of dough as accurately as they could. They then presented their models to other groups.  The children were astonished to find, after finishing, that the Sun takes up 99% of the mass in the solar system so the majority of the dough should have been used for that!

The astronomers were brilliant at re-evaluating their models when presented with this information- a brilliant scientific skill. Well done Osprey!

Please follow the link below to watch a fantastic video about making a scale model of the solar system.

Scaled solar system

Head Teacher Awards 23.09.16


This week’s Head Teacher Awards go to Faith and Tom for their amazing writing!  They have been writing a setting description for a Stone Age story and have been focusing on how to paint a picture for the reader.  We hope you like the atmosphere they have both managed to create!  We certainly would like to visit these lovely places!

Faith has thought carefully about using expanded noun phrases and has included some excellent personification too.  Well done, Faith.


Tom has carefully chosen the words he has used in his description to add specific details and his use of prepositions helps us to form a really clear picture in our minds.  Excellent work, Tom.


Well done, Team Osprey!! Let’s keep up the excellent writing going on in our classroom!

All about the Stone Age…



Here are some facts and theories about the Stone Age period…

There were two types of Stone Age people: the hunters and the gatherers.

There is a theory that men can see things further away and women can see things much closer to them.  This could be because the cave men used to search the horizon to help them hunt and the cave women were keeping an eye on the children in their homes.  This could explain why mums can find our homework in our messy bedrooms in Nano-seconds when we have been looking for 5 hours!

As time went on, Stone Age tools and shelters improved.

They told stories through cave art and paintings instead of words.

They started using fire regularly for everyday use during the Stone Age for warmth, light and cooking.

They killed animals for food.

They skinned animals for clothes and shelter-building.

This is just a small portion of what we have learned so far.  You will hear about all this, and  much more, at our class celebration at the end of term!

Thanks for reading!

From Osprey Class 😉