Problem solvers

​Osprey worked hard at solving tricky maths problems systematically and logically this week.

The challenges were testing but the children proved fantastic team players and worked in an orderly fashion to find the answers and it was really great to see the progress being made by all.


Star of the week 13.01.17 Christian!

There were no shortages of positive adjectives to describe Christian this week! 

The children were all eager to put forward why Christian is a well liked member of Osprey and a good friend. Well done Christian and well done Osprey for your kindness and positivity.

The first Head teacher’s award of 2017…

We’ve started the year brilliantly with Anlyn receiving Head teachers award for her resilience and systematic approach to problem solving. 

The task they were set was challenging yet Anlyn refused to be put off. Instead, she rose to the challenge by working logically; placing the clues in order and continuing to try despite the difficulties. 
You clearly are an adept problem solver Anyln- well done! 

Fun with friction!

Osprey were investigating friction as part of our ‘Forces’ topic. The children had fun designing a fair test to determine which surface on a ramp generated more friction and experimenting with pushing a 2 pence piece across different surfaces on a table. They all worked extremely well in their teams and conducted accurate experiments- fantastic friction work Osprey! 

Happy 2016 Christmas!

We would like to wish you all a very happy Christmas break. You have worked so hard this term and have impressed us with your positive attitudes. 

This term, we have seen new children settle into our class, new friendships made and old friendships rekindled. We’ve had visits from engineers and artists, had a trip to Cheddar Gorge, baked delicious oat and carrot flapjacks, enjoyed Christmas parties, film nights and fairs, and created Stone Age jewellery and shelters! 

We hope your parents enjoyed coming in for our class celebration to see all your amazing work; we had excellent feedback, so thank you Ospreys. 

Finally, many thanks for the Christmas cards and gifts that we received, and to those parents who contributed to our staff Christmas party; it was very generous and we are very grateful! Thank you. 

Stay safe over the festive season and have fun! See you in January. 

Remembering the reason for the season…

St. Philip’s led us, once again, in a really heart-warming Christmas service this week. Readers from across the school reminded us of the significance of the historical events that took place many years ago: the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Each class chose a song which retold part of the Christmas story, and Osprey sung a beautiful song called ‘Child in a Manger Born’. I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! 

Thank you to everyone who was able to come along and join us in worship, and to all the children for leading yet another fantastic service this Christmas.