History detectives

Today we discussed how we find out about life in the past. We talked about how archaeologists can spend weeks and weeks on a site in an attempt to carefully uncover treasures from the past that will help us to know how they lived.

We had a go at our own little archaeological dig, noting down our ‘finds’ and trying to guess what they were and how old they might be! We also had a bit of a gruesome discussion about what things we thought would remain in the ground for hundreds of years, and what things wouldn’t!

Have a look at us in action:

Objects found included bones, teeth, fossils, rocks, shells, precious stones and old coins.




Welcome back!

New year, new books, new routines, new staff and new friends!

We are all settling in really well here in Osprey class, getting to know new faces and becoming reacquainted with old ones. We have had a great first week and the children have come back to school bursting with positivity!

We have our ‘meet the teacher’ session on Wednesday 12th (this week) at 2:45pm in Osprey class room, where Mrs Edgley and I will share some useful information regarding your child as they start their new year.

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.

Five minutes of fame…

Over the last couple of week’s, the children in Osprey have all had their five minutes of fame: a presentation to the class on a topic of their choice.  They could choose to teach us something new, or share an interest of theirs.  These skills and interests ranged from origami to musical instruments.  Some even shared their Reading Journeys, just like the teachers did.  Most produced a PowerPoint to accompany their presentation.

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Reading tip #5

Today, in our Guided Reading session, we looked at a short film-clip and then discussed it. You can learn a lot about how an author draws in their audience by looking at film, because a screenwriter will use some of the same strategies. Seeing them visually helps the children to spot them more easily when reading them in a book. 

Goodbye Miss Perry

We have been privileged to have had a lovely student, Miss Perry, with us every Wednesday for the last few months. Today was her last day with us and we will really miss her. She has helped us so much and we have really appreciated everything she has done for us. We wish her well and hope to see her again one day. Goodbye Miss Perry.