Celebrating Shabbat!

Today we learnt about the Jewish day of rest called Shabbat. We learnt about the special rituals and routines that occur on a Friday evening for those of the Jewish faith. We washed our hands, lit some candles and tried some ‘Challah’. After this we had quiet time, without technology or work, where we played games, read and took time to spend talking with one another. We discussed the benefits, in an open discussion, of having some time in the week that is technology/work free and solely dedicated to spending time with close family and friends. We didn’t all agree but the discussion was mature and reflective. We all agreed time together as a family without technology is enjoyable and important and for those of the Jewish faith Shabbat is a great way to start the weekend.


We are Petrologists!

Today in science, we have been petrologists! Learning all about rocks…how they form, how to identify what type of rock they are and where they might have come from. We conducted three experiments on our rocks-testing them for strength, permeability and even with acid to see how they would react! The children enjoyed observing them closely through magnifying lenses and detecting the strata, crystals and even fossils that could be found. We tried to make our testing fair and came up with some great variables so that our results would be most accurate. We are creating a little rock display in the classroom so it would be great to have a few more rocks to share…