What is the capacity of that?

Today we have been investigating the capacity of a range of different containers. We have estimated the capacity of the container and then checked for the actual capacity. Some of us guessed exactly and others were way off! It was hard to estimate with the materials that we were using as some wouldn’t fit in, some would only fit in in a line and others we vastly underestimated how many would actually fit. We were all surprised to compare the liquid in a tall, thin container to a small, squat container. The tall container seemed to have much more liquid but they were actually  the same. We recorded our findings and tried to fine tune our estimations! Maybe you could explore the capacity of containers around the house?



Internet Safety Day: Tuesday 5th February

This year we will be celebrating Safer Internet Day and learning tools and techniques to use the internet safely. We would be grateful if you could talk to your children at home about how they are using the internet responsibly and carefully. Please ensure you know what your children are doing on the internet and check that there are parental controls in place. Thanks for your support!

Super blood wolf moon!


You might want to check out this BBC news article about the awesome lunar eclipse which is happening over night. Apparently the best time to see it will be about 5:30am tomorrow morning, so if you fancied waking up for it, you’ll get to watch something that doesn’t come around very often!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. See you bright and early tomorrow morning.

D&T sewing project

Before the Christmas break, the children in Osprey class were given the opportunity to design an item to give to a friend or family member as a gift.  The item had to be a pouch of some kind, such as a mobile phone case or a small purse or wallet.  The children then designed the gift accordingly (after secretly measuring mobile phones and other potential items at home) and created a bespoke present for their person of choice.

The children created some beautiful felt pouches, sewn together neatly with blanket stitching and finished off with a button and decoration. They then wrapped their gift, ready to give out on Christmas Day.  If you were one of the lucky people to receive one of these parcels, we hope you are finding it useful!