Book Recommendations

Need some reading inspiration? Wondering what your child might like to read next? Have a look at our book recommendations. Our favourite books collated into one useful place! This will also be coming home as a paper copy before school finishes!

Happy reading folks and a very Merry Christmas to you all!

Love from the Osprey Team

Book Recommendations Juniors


Darkness and Light

In Science we have been continuing our exploration of Light. We have investigated the relationship between the object and light source and the size of shadow it created. We used our shadow puppet theatre to cast our shadows onto the translucent screen. We made it a fair test by using masking tape to mark where we would be measuring to and from, and keeping as many variables as possible the same. Thanks to all of the children who brought in their torches for us to use!


The Trinity

In our Religious Education class we have been learning about the Trinity and baptism. The children have thought deeply about each element of the Trinity and the differences between them. We have searched for symbols of the Trinity in baptism and have discussed how different aspects feature in our everyday lives. Here we are writing our kenning verses for each element of the Trinity and yesterday we even created our own song verses-inspired by the song ‘God Beside, God Behind, God Ahead’. The children have shared some beautiful, thoughtful ideas and have developed a deeper understanding of the Trinity.