Snow days…! ❄️

As you have heard via ParentMail, we have another snow day tomorrow! So what fun can you get up to?

  • Make a snowman⛄️ (and add glo-sticks for eyes!)
  • Make a snow angel
  • Wrap up warm and go for a snowy walk
  • Ask your parent/carer if you can check in on an elderly neighbour and see if they’re ok
  • Find a safe hill to sledge down

If you would like to, you can email me a photo of your snow antics, and I’ll add it to the blog! Have fun Ospreys!

Here is Jasper and his family, finding an alternative way to keep warm in the snow!


We also have Ava, who enjoyed sledging with her family:

Jack and his family went out with their sledges too. He also kindly helped his mum to take their 87-year-old neighbour’s dogs, Coco and Darcy, out for their daily walks over the weekend. Well done, Jack!


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