D&T: Making a Roman Ballista

The children in Osprey class had a great day today.  Not only was it Christmas jumper Day, but they had fun creating a Roman ballista, a powerful catapult used by the Roman army.  Working in pairs, they exercised their skills of teamwork, measuring, sawing, glue-gunning, hand-drilling and following a set of instructions independently. The Y4s got to test theirs today and the Y5s will test theirs on Friday with Owl and Kestrel classes – the competition is on!

Have a look at them so far…



Roman Baths Trip!


Osprey had another opportunity to immerse themselves in Roman culture this week as they were transported back in time, roughly 2000 years, to Roman Bath. They had great fun exploring artifacts, creating mosaics and dressing as Romans.

The children were fascinated to learn about how the Romans used the Baths through an audio guide and very much enjoyed exploring the beautiful remains.