Trip to Caerleon’s Roman Fortress

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Well, after our coaches eventually turned up, the first exciting part of the day (seemingly!) was crossing the Severn bridge into Wales! I’ve never heard so many squeals of delight! The weather was certainly looking overcast, but I think we just about got away with it, with a splattering of rain and wind towards the end of the day.

Osprey, Eagle and Hawk classes were split into three groups, and rotated around several activities.  Take a look at what we got up to:

Dressing up as a Roman soldier

Exploring the amphitheatre

Taking a look round the barracks

Experiencing a Roman school day

 Visiting the local Baths

Investigating the Roman artefacts

These three have just discovered what this one is used for, and are rather amused!



Thanks to all the parents who came with us to help.  We hope you enjoyed the day as much as the children did!


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