Running dictation

Osprey class had an active English lesson today running around outside our classroom!

Each group had a scribe, who had to stay in one place in the playground, and some runners.  Their task was to run to an area where they would find a clipboard with a paragraph attached.  The children would then read it through, try to remember as much of it as they could, and then run back to their scribe with a memorised section of the text! The scribe would then have to write it down, word for word, with no spelling mistakes or missed punctuation! The runners could return as many times as they liked, with their main challenge being to deliver the message as accurately as possible to their scribe!

Here they are, hurtling around trying to complete the task with 100% accuracy!



Y4 Folly Farmers

It has been great to see another group of Year 4 children enjoy a successful one-night residential trip to Folly Farm this year.

2017 saw a group of 45 pupils and staff return to the educational centre near Bristol to study wildlife, investigate different habitats and discover first-hand about which night-time creatures are active when they are normally thinking about heading to bed!

Take a look at some of our photos.  As with all photos on this site, if you are viewing this page on a small screen, you can click on a photo to enlarge it and scroll through from there.

Learning our tricky spellings!

Osprey class are becoming quite adept now at learning their spellings in school, by working through a list of either Year 4 or Year 5 spellings and by collecting some of their own personal spellings flagged up in their exercise books.  They have been using different techniques to help them, such as Pyramid Spellings, Rainbow Writing and Flower Power strategies!  They regularly work on these independently in short, sharp bursts throughout the week.  As always, thanks to all the Osprey children and parents who work hard on these spellings at home too.