‘Get Sported’

We are privileged to have a coach from ‘Get Sported’ with us every Tuesday afternoon this term.¬† Mr Culf comes in and talks to the children about building their character¬†alongside getting active with various different sports.¬† Take a look at us in action.


Star of the Week!

For every house point the children gain in a week, they get a corresponding piece of paper to put their names on which get placed in the ‘Chance Jar’. We randomly select a lucky someone on the Friday and they become ‘Star of the Week’.

The child gets to select a toy and their classmates volunteer the fantastic qualities which make them unique and special. These comments then get made into a star.

The last two ‘Stars’ have been Charlotte and Ollie! We almost ran out of space because of the abundance of wonderful comments the children had about these two exceptional children- well done guys!

Osprey open afternoon

Thank you to all the parents who were able to come to our open afternoon- it was great to see so many of you.

If you didn’t manage to make it, we will be sending home a newsletter which includes all the information to bring you up to speed.

Attached is a picture of the ‘End of Year Expectations for Years 3-6’ booklet. If you would like a copy, please let your child know and they can bring one home.

A brand new year…

It’s always exciting to have a fresh start, to look forward with anticipation and to be inspired by new goals! We have had a great first day back in Osprey in our new year group, keen and ready for what this coming year brings! 

Today, we reflected on last year and set goals for how we are going to achieve even bigger things this year – not just academically, but socially and emotionally too – ways to develop and build up our character so that we can face whatever the world throws our way. 

We also demonstrated that in working together, we can achieve great things, by creating these co-operative pieces of artwork. Everyone put their own mark on each picture, and the results looked amazing. Take a look: