Mr Callow’s Forest School

Today we had a special visitor to our class, Mr Callow, who runs Conquer The Woods forest school.  We had a really fun day making fidget-spinners, magic string and doing some woodland weaving.  Take a look at us in action:

Many thanks to Mr Callow for coming into school and giving up his time for free to give us such a fantastic experience.  We loved the whole day!


‘My Money’ Week


Last week, the Juniors all prepared their own stalls for a fair to be held on the school playground at the end of the week.  The main objective: to see how much money they could raise for the school! First, they got together in groups to decide the best way to part the customers from their cash!

Then Friday arrived; the sun stayed out all day. The perfect weather conditions meant that the ice-cream and fruit kebabs stall and the smoothie makers (‘Sweet Sensation’)were particularly rushed off their feet, making a tidy profit.  They were working non-stop for the whole event:

‘Super Soaked’ were another group who benefitted from the good weather, and had far too much fun ‘working’ to earn tokens on their stall!

‘Basketball Mania’ saw a flurry of customers all trying out their skills to shoot a hoop, and with a minimal outlay, managed to make a nice amount for the school.

The ‘Fidget Spinner Tycoons’ exploited the most recent craze to take over our schools, and challenged their customers to the longest spin from one of a collection of fidget spinners.

‘Fear Pong’ was an entertaining game where two people challenged each other to wall-ball and the loser had to drink some strange concoction of liquids, chosen by the winner by bouncing Ping-Pong balls into cups.  Under each cup were some strange (and some tasty) ingredients, such as sweetcorn juice, cold tea, Fanta and tomato juice! This group was particularly ingenious; they spotted a niche in the market when customers came up and simply asked to have a glass of Fanta without having to have the nasty additions!  Noticing that no other stall were offering cold drinks, they charged a smaller amount for a simple glass of pop! However, there was no shortage of customers wanting the whole ‘danger’ element, which made Fear Pong a very fitting name for this stall!