Sports Day 2017

Yesterday we had the perfect weather conditions for our sports day, and we all had a fantastic morning and picnic lunch over at the local playing field.  Our Year 6 pupils did an excellent job of organising the whole event so that each activity ran smoothly.  Well done to them, and well done to Osprey, who all took part and enjoyed the day.  As with all photos on this blog, if you wish to see them enlarged, click on one and scroll through them at your own perusal.


Year 5 trip to Ralph Allen

The Year 5s had a trip to Ralph Allen last week, to take part in some languages, English and drama sessions.  They were supported by some Year 7 and Year 9 students, who gave up their time to come and work alongside our Year 5 pupils.  The Year 7s performed some fantastic poetry that they had written and then helped us to write some too.  The Year 9s designed some fun games to help St. Philip’s learn some words and phrases in French and Spanish.  Take a look at some of our photos:

Head Teacher Awards – 16.06.17

Well done to Harvey for gaining the Head Teacher Award this week.  He works so hard, particularly on his writing, and his stories are so creative – we love reading them.  Here is an extract from his recent piece of work – Castaway – about a boy who was washed up on a deserted island:

The sand shimmered like glitter.  The trees swooshed like whispers.  The parrots squarked; they looked like pigeons that had been painted with vibrant colours.  I climbed up a tree, grabbed my pocket knife and cut off a coconut.  I got back down and bashed it on a rock.  It didn’t work, so I put a hole in it with my knife and drank it.

Well done Harvey – great work.

Galaxy paintings

This week, we invited one of our parents in to help us with some art work. Inspired by a painting that Harry brought in to show us some weeks ago – a galaxy painting which the children in Osprey thought was incredible – we decided we all wanted to have a go!

With Harry’s mum demonstrating how to create the masterpiece on a black canvas, osprey had a go on their own mini boards. Here are the results:

Many thanks to Harry and his mum for the inspiration. They look great.