This term’s Head Teacher Awards


It has been a while since we posted our wonderful Head Teacher Award nominees, so apologies if you have been waiting patiently to see yours! Here they are!

This week, Christian offered up his time to help another group on their presentation on biomes.  He showed them how to create a PowerPoint and took a supportive role when they presented their information.  Thank you, Christian.

We have been impressed by Preston‘s focus and positive work ethic recently.  He has shown a noticeable improvement in taking responsibility for his learning and is showing excellent learning behaviours in class. Well done and keep it up!

Louie showed excellent research and presentation skills during his project on biomes last week.  His presentation was fantastic: he was very knowledgeable in his subject knowledge; he didn’t read from a script; he expertly used the Latin names for the plants researched and it was extremely engaging.  He even had some funny interjections throughout his speech – a master-class in presenting, Louie.

Harry H worked exceptionally hard during our writing session on newspaper reports.  He continued to persevere with his handwriting and included quotations and some ambitious vocabulary – fantastic effort!

Kierlun was nominated for this award for empathy and kindness, which is part of his nature.  When another child fell in the playground, Kierlun was the first to check they were ok.  Actions like this are what make us a united, compassionate community at St. Philip’s – thank you so much, Kierlun.

Eryn has been working exceptionally hard during English and numeracy groups.  She has shown she can persevere when work is challenging and she always stretches herself. A fantastic learning behaviour, Eryn – keep it up!

Helena has such a positive attitude which permeates through all of her school life.  This has a massive impact on her learning and of those around her.  She is a joy to teach!  Keep making us all smile, Helena!

Eleanor‘s innate kindness and caring nature means she puts others before herself and goes out of her way to help anyone.  She is considerate of others’ needs and is a wonderful asset to our class – thank you Eleanor.

Jacob goes above and beyond in all sorts of ways!  He shows exceptional kindness and patience with others in his class: particular examples are sharing a favourite book, helping others with their class work and modelling excellent learning behaviours.  His warm personality and soft-hearted nature have been noticed by several members of staff. We are so proud of you, Jacob!

Lennie always works so diligently in Maths.  He is keen to choose tasks that will challenge him and he works productively with a talk-partner.  He sets his work out clearly and takes pride in his presentation – an excellent example to us all!

During our World Book Day themed activities, Taliah approached our War Horse drama with gusto! She showed great courage and team work to produce a fantastic scene – well done!


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