Y5 Dry-slope Ski and Tobogganing trip

The Year 5s had an amazing day on Friday at the Mendip Snowsport Centre for a dry-slope ski session and tobogganing experience! The weather was beautiful and they were active for the whole day!

My favourite quote of the day was from Jake, who said: “I wish we could be Year 5s forever, then we could come back on this trip again!”  They were exhausted by the time we got back to school, but the smiles on their faces said it all!

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Y4 trip to the Victoria Art Gallery

The Year 4s had a great trip to the Victoria Art Gallery this week, taking the Park and Ride bus into town.  The weather was fantastic and they all enjoyed lunch in Parade Gardens overlooking the river.  There were lots of opportunities for sketching and appreciating art.  What a cultural day!

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A Parade of Easter Hats and Bonnets

It was lovely to see the sun come out in all its glory on the day of our Easter bonnet and hat parade; Spring had really sprung this Monday morning!  Well done to everyone who made a special effort – your creativity and hard work really paid off.  Seeing all the hats and bonnets together out on the junior playground was a colourful sight and we all enjoyed spotting the largest, daintiest, most vibrant and sweetest smelling head-wear! Even the staff joined in the fun!

Well done especially to Jake and Faith from Osprey for winning the prize for your respective Year groups.

Egyptian Topic Day

On Wednesday, we had another one of our ever-popular topic days; this time on the Ancient Egyptians.  There were five sessions happening throughout Key Stage Two, led by the junior teachers, and all the children moved around each class to participate in a range of activities.  We made hieroglyphics bookmarks, jewellery of the Pharaohs, pyramid nets and Lego shadufs. We also played Egyptian hockey and got mildly wet in a human-shaduf water game! Topic days are always such fun!

Here are just a few photos of the Egyptian shaduf activity (with more pictures from the other sessions to follow soon):

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