Robotics Day in Osprey

On Monday we had a Robotics Challenge Day, brought to us by Wessex Setpoint. It was an outstanding day and we loved every minute of it! Here is a description of the day:

Students use Lego Mindstorms to build a robot and program it to carry out missions on a specially designed themed mat. The emphasis is on programming, control, problem solving and teamwork.  Students work in teams of four at tables around the perimeter of the classroom. A 2.4m x 1.2m mat with the challenges is placed in the centre of the room.

Our specific missions were to use our robot to feed all the different animals (all cleverly made from Lego) in our Conservation area. Looking after them was the main priority, so we gained points for releasing the food correctly, and lost points if our robot bumped into, or ‘injured’ the animal in any way. This meant that we had to test our robot out a few times before getting it just right!

Take a look at us in action:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We built on so many skills it’s hard to know where to begin, such as problem-solving, algorithms and programming, following verbal and written instructions, teamwork, resilience, measuring and other maths skills, assessing and evaluating, precision and lots more!

We were really impressed with how well Osprey worked together. They stayed positive when their missions failed and keenly rushed back to the ‘drawing board’ to solve the problems until they were successful. This resilient attitude is such a key to learning! Well done Ospreys.


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