Head Teacher Awards – 20th and 27th January

We have several children to celebrate in Osprey class from the last couple of weeks! 

Let’s start with the first event, which was an inter-schools football tournament for our ‘Y5 boys’ football team. They did amazingly well, becoming runners up and silver medalists. This is what Mr Bentley-Taylor had to say about the boys from Osprey class:

In defence: Christian – some excellent link-up play with Toby; Jacob – enthusiastic and demonstrated some good passing too. 

In midfield: Toby – a memorable chipped free-kick that made us laugh! Very skilful. 

Forward: Josh – calm under pressure; scoring in both the semi-final and final. 

Mr Bentley-Taylor

Also that week, we created some super poetry all about Winter. Harry W, Lola and Charlotte all worked extremely hard to include features in our ‘poetry toolbox’. They used repetition to beautiful effect and included some creative and evocative similes; fantastic work! Don’t just take our word for it though; have a look for yourselves:

We also are celebrating Eva this week, who has shown fantastic resilience in lessons. She tries hard to stretch herself, even when the learning is challenging. She is a great role model to others. 

Well done to all of you!


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