Head Teacher Awards – 20th and 27th January

We have several children to celebrate in Osprey class from the last couple of weeks! 

Let’s start with the first event, which was an inter-schools football tournament for our ‘Y5 boys’ football team. They did amazingly well, becoming runners up and silver medalists. This is what Mr Bentley-Taylor had to say about the boys from Osprey class:

In defence: Christian – some excellent link-up play with Toby; Jacob – enthusiastic and demonstrated some good passing too. 

In midfield: Toby – a memorable chipped free-kick that made us laugh! Very skilful. 

Forward: Josh – calm under pressure; scoring in both the semi-final and final. 

Mr Bentley-Taylor

Also that week, we created some super poetry all about Winter. Harry W, Lola and Charlotte all worked extremely hard to include features in our ‘poetry toolbox’. They used repetition to beautiful effect and included some creative and evocative similes; fantastic work! Don’t just take our word for it though; have a look for yourselves:

We also are celebrating Eva this week, who has shown fantastic resilience in lessons. She tries hard to stretch herself, even when the learning is challenging. She is a great role model to others. 

Well done to all of you!


Chinese Calligraphy

St. Philip’s school welcomed four Chinese students into our classrooms this week, and we were lucky enough to learn all about calligraphy.  We watched carefully as the skilful Leo (the English version of his name) painted beautiful words and numbers for us under the visualiser.  Daisy, who spoke very good English, taught us how to pronounce the words in Chinese and told us what they meant.  As Leo was forming one word, he said to Daisy that he would eat his hat if anyone guessed the word he was writing! He must have momentarily forgotten about Tom – our resident expert in Chinese – who already knew many of the words, and was able to have a good guess at the tricky one that Leo was forming for us.  I believe the word was ‘rooster’ – is that right Tom – or perhaps it was ‘chicken’?  How many meanings and pronunciations can you remember, Osprey class?

Head Teacher Awards 13.01.17

Sometimes in life it’s the small things that make a big difference. Tom showed real initiative and proved to be a helpful member of the class by spotting a job that needed to be done and doing it without being asked. We love that kind of attitude – well done Tom. 

Oscar also received the award for his super discussions! He is always listening, consistently ready with an answer and is ever bubbling with suggestions and ideas. He relishes the chance for a good problem to solve. What a keen learner! Great job, Oscar. 

Problem solvers

​Osprey worked hard at solving tricky maths problems systematically and logically this week.

The challenges were testing but the children proved fantastic team players and worked in an orderly fashion to find the answers and it was really great to see the progress being made by all.