Snowmen get festive! 

If you had walked into our classroom earlier this week, you might have been forgiven for thinking you were witnessing a huge crime scene, as 30 or so children provided us with their fingerprints. However, you’ll be pleased to know that they were producing a Christmas card – and a very messy one at that!

This was the day that we had a visit from our very own Mrs Murphy, who came into class to get us all creative! She showed us how to turn simple thumb prints into little snowmen, each with their own personality. 

We loved getting messy and dipping our fingers and thumbs into the gloop of white paint! Once they had dried, we added small details, thinking how to create characters by changing their eyes, direction of the carrot nose and how they held their arms. Our challenge was to make every snowman different. We hope you enjoyed receiving your Christmas cards! We thought they looked snowmazing

Thank you, Mrs Murphy, for all your help – we loved having you in class!


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