Cheddar Gorge and Caves

Our trip to the Cheddar caves was a huge hit! We visited Gough’s cave, where the oldest complete skeleton in Britain was discovered, followed in the footsteps of our ancestors in Cox’s cave and took a tour around the museum of prehistory, where we found out how the hunter-gatherers lived.

In Gough’s cave, we met Cheddar man – the skeleton – who was buried there about 9000 years ago! (Actually, we saw a replica, as the original skeleton is so valuable it is being kept in special conditions in London.)  Can you spot him in the darkness?


Early man lived in these caves 14,700 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age.  However, it is believed that the caves were still inhabited in the late 18th century.  One such cave was ‘discovered’ by Gough, who excavated the cave to find amazing chambers and rock formations.  We saw some very old graffiti from Gough himself…


We also discovered that caves in Britain have no cave paintings in them.  People believe this is because they are too damp.  At Cheddar, they have drawn their own, to see what happens to them over the years.


As we walked around the caves, we saw stalagmites, stalactites and the spires of Solomon’s temple.

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At Cox’s cave, we experienced ‘Dreamhunters’ – a multi-media show which projected images on the cave walls and an audio story which led us through history, from mastering fire to fighting off fierce predators and changing climates.

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We also went to the museum where we saw a bear skeleton and learnt about using animal skins during the Stone Age period.  We had a great day!


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