Do you know your ‘who’ clauses from your ‘which’ clauses? Ospreys do!

This week, Osprey class have been refining their writing skills by coming up with some sentences using who and which clauses.  They used their knowledge of main and subordinate clauses to generate some inventive, funny and thoughtful sentences about a member of staff who works in our school. To do this, they would need to write a main clause about their chosen staff member, and then ‘drop in’ a subordinate clause by splitting the original sentence in the middle.  They were given some folded sentence strips to do this.  Here is the example they were given:

Mr Joy is a fantastic headteacher.  His work clothes are very smart.


Having concluded that these sentences were simple sentences, we agreed that they would be more interesting with added ‘who and which’ clauses.  We opened out the examples to learn more about Mr Joy and his work attire, which caused great amusement as you will see!

Mr Joy, who ballet dances at the weekend, is a fantastic headteacher.  His work clothes, which include ballet shoes and a tu-tu, are very smart.


This inspired the children to think about what sort of funny antics the other teachers and staff might get up to when nobody is around to see them!  There are too many hilarious sentences to share them all with you, but here is a selection of some of the best:

Mrs Coppens, who secretly listens to Eminem, is very tall.  Her shoes, which are black and orange, are high heels.

Mr Munro, who has clown lessons every weekend, is very funny.  His glasses, which are very smart, are also very nice.

Mrs Norgan, who goes swimming at the weekend, is a funny teacher.  Her clothes, which also include her dancing kit, are very colourful.

Mr Mottram, who wears a pink and sparkly apron, says he will be doing break-dancing at the disco on Thursday.  His shoes, which are also pink and sparkly, look amazing – at least to me!

Mrs Boyd, who wears a wetsuit under her big fluffy jumpers, is a fantastic teaching assistant.

Mrs Murphy, who stole all my chocolate, was a very good TA.  Her shoes, which were big, round and frilly, were very beautiful.

Mrs Whitfield, who eats grapes under her desk, is a very nice teacher.  Her lunchbox, which is full of grapes, is bright pink.

Mrs Callow, who wears a Piglet onesie, loves to teach.  Her clothes, which include a Piglet hoody, are very fluffy.

We all enjoyed writing these, and letting our imaginations go wild!  I think a little photo-shopping of some staff photos might be in order… 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone!