200-word challenge

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a short piece of writing about the picture below in exactly 200 words…

The half-term is coming up, and we would love you to get writing! It can be in any style you like – from fiction to factual to poetic – the choice is yours.  The picture may be the main focus of your whole piece of writing or it may just be a casual side-line that is only mentioned once!  You could write a short setting description or a mini story;  you could write a documentary or a funny poem. So, here it is…


Mild, Spicy or Hot?

Ok, my little chilli peppers – here’s the thing.  I tried this challenge myself and got a bit carried away! I wrote way more than 200 words! However, I was enjoying myself too much and I didn’t want to stop! So I am offering you the chance to choose a mild, spicy or hot challenge.  I am anticipating that most of you will choose the spicy, but the mild and hot are options too.  They are as follows:

Mild = 100 words

Spicy = 200 words

Hot = 500 words

Top Tips

This idea originates from the BBC Radio Two 500-word competition which, although is not running currently, has a website full of great ideas to get you started.  You can hear some of the winning stories from 2016 (I recommend ‘The Grannies Who Flew to the Moon’) and get an Alphabot to generate 5 random words for you if you are having difficulties coming up with some ideas!  Have a look on http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00rfvk1 for these and other helpful suggestions!

Remember, too, to use all the features you have been learning in school.  Please try to use: ambitious punctuation and vocabulary; expanded noun phrases; prepositional phrases; similes and metaphors; super connectives and any other features that you feel your work should have.  Plan your work in note-form, jotting down ideas for each of the features above, before you get started.

Please upload your work into a comment box, (if it will allow you to type in that many words, of course!)  If not, then bring it into school, preferably in digital form please, or email it to me and we will publish it on here.  I will be sharing mine with you in the classroom too!  I hope you enjoy the challenge as much as I did.  Happy writing!

Mrs Callow


7 thoughts on “200-word challenge”

    1. A poem, by Charlotte…

      A house full of people
      People full of food
      Basin full of dishes to be washed and dried

      A cup full of coffee
      A dog full of beans
      Trees full of apples, ready to be picked

      A park full of cars
      Street full of leaves
      Presents full of surprises wrapped inside

      Child full of laughter
      Baby full of smiles
      Father full of wisdom ready to pass on

      Dictionary full of words
      Cows full of milk
      A pot full of flowers swaying in the wind

      Sky full of stars
      Stars full of light
      A moon full of promise for another day


  1. A story, by Christian

    The moons disastrous end

    It all started in the science lab on the 24 of December when something appeared on the radar around the moon. Then as quick as a flash it started to move closer and closer until the scientists realise what it is; it’s a massive block of ice that’s floated from the rings of Saturn.

    Cloyed was sat in his back garden looking through his telescope into the beautiful night sky he saw a block of ice covering one of the stars that he’d been watching for years. After what he’d seen he couldn’t sleep so he asked the president if he could tell the rest of the world because if the world ended and he survived he would have regretted it.

    The ice was close to the moon now; they would probably collide during the night. Then, BANG! Cloyed looked up and saw that they had already collided and tiny, big and massive clumps of ice were raining from the sky. Cloyed heard people screaming in the neighbourhood, he looked around and everything was in chaos, ice was smashing into houses probably injuring or even killing people.

    Then Cloyed remembered the moon controlled the tides and soon the whole world would be covered in water. He darted into the house grabbed some food and water and ran out of the house. He knew what he had to do. He ran around the neighbourhood gathering the people and then he told them his plan to run up the mountains where the water wouldn’t get to them. They all ran as fast as the wind (I would if I was running for my life). All the people they found on the way they just told them to run with them and that he’d tell them the plan when they were safe. Although they were all running for their lives Cloyed was enjoying it he’d always wanted to be on the run but he didn’t have the guts or be stupid to commit a crime.

    Cloyed knew where a mountain was, so he ran for that. When everyone saw it, it gave them the motivation to carry on running. When they got to the bottom of the mountain they realised they didn’t have any climbing equipment to scale the mountain. They ran around the mountain shouting to find if anyone else had the same idea. As they were running around someone touched Cloyed on the shoulder and he turned around to see one of the people he’d seen when he went to tell the prime minister about the ice and the moon. When Cloyed realised who was behind the man, he shouted to all the people he had gathered and then he looked at the prime minister and realised what was behind him was a helicopter. It was very awkward on the helicopter but when they got to the top they looked at all the water invading the land.

    60 years later………… they had built a whole knew life on the mountains.


  2. A story, by Louie…

    Chapter one
    The sea eats my knickers

    “This is the moon news and its September the 24th 1482 and just yesterday a huge tidal wave erupted out of the ocean on to Casmari bay! We lost 8,000 moonics and 3,000 moonkins!” the news reporter said. I was sitting on the beach at Casmari bay listening to the terrifying morning news. My little brother Joey was bombarding my mother with all sorts of questions like: will there be a tsunami today? Can we go home now? If there will be one, when will it happen? He was obviously scared. Then slowly but surely, the sea began to move outwards, so me and my brother raced across the beach to the fresh wet sand to build something. Now that was a big mistake!
    Digging away, my brother and I were having heaps of fun. Suddenly, I heard a shrill voice shouting “run and don’t stop!” All of the molecules making up the sand and plants of the dunes and beach chimed in together. As I ran I turned my head and I saw a wall of blue above me and behind me. I accelerated even more, but I was too late. The tsunami had me!

    Chapter two
    I make a machine that does the wrong thing

    As I got dunked under and pulled back up, my head hit something hard. My brain did those funny things brains do when you hit something, but instead of thinking strange I thought productive. “How can I solve this” I thought. And then I had an idea…
    I saw a flash of red and yellow, the MoonNLI! The next thing I knew I was being hoisted up and down again into my work shop to build a machine! Now you’re probably going to ask what the heck this machine is going to do, well the plan is that it’s going to reduce the Earth’s gravity and save the moon!
    It’s September the 25th 1482 and yesterday I built this machine. I haven’t tested it yet but I’m quite confident that it will work! So here goes! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzap! Right, now I am floating in mid-air. I think I increased instead of reduced Earth’s gravity and put the moonics and moonkins in infinite amounts of danger! We’re DOOMED!
    And because the Earth’s gravity was so great the Moonics and Moonkins drifted off to outer space. Some say that a few Moonics and Moonkins landed here on Earth and made their own little life for themselves. Who knows they could be our great, clever ancestors!


  3. A story, by Faith…

    The Moon

    One day there were two smart twin sisters called Leah and Tessa. In school their favourite subjects were art and science which they always did together. Their teacher, Mrs Amelda, gave the class a science project where they had to draw a picture of the moon. After school, Leah and Tessa came home and had their dinner which was macaroni pie with grated cheese sprinkled on the top. Tessa dug herself right into her scrumptious dinner. After dinner, Leah and Tessa jumped into bed and their Mum and Dad read them a bed time story called Charlotte’s web. Before you knew it, both girls were yawning heavily so their Mum and Dad gave them a lovely goodnight kiss on their pink and rosy cheeks.
    As Leah and Tessa snuggled fast asleep, being twins, together they started to dream that they were in a rocket which was being launched into space. It was amazing what they saw in space. They could see the bright flickering, white gleaming sparkling moon. It was absolutely gorgeous. They could see stars and the Milky Way. They could do somersaults with no gravity. It was spectacular. They saw big holes on the moon but only to realise that it was only craters.
    As they ventured further around the moon exploring it became colder, darker, and lonelier and creepier. There wasn’t anyone around not even a sound. Suddenly they looked at each other and said, “We’re lost!” They became really scared as tears flowed down their pink rosy cheeks and landed on the moon. They held on to each other’s hands really tightly and their hearts struck like lightning. They thought they would never get back to planet Earth and see their Mum, Dad and Mrs Amelda their teacher again.
    Suddenly there was a shadow coming from a distance. Slowly they wiped their tears away and walked closer to have a look. They saw a beautiful dog. It had floppy ears, sparkling black eyes and honey brown fur. The dog came running towards them wagging its tail. They grabbed hold of the dog and saw the name tag Marlow. They told Marlow, “Can you help us, we’re lost?” Marlow replied, “Follow me,” with an energetic voice. The girls skipped along following Marlow. Soon afterwards they were back to the rocket. They were so happy but yet sad to leave Marlow behind. Excitedly they jumped into the rocket and waved Marlow goodbye.
    “Leaaaah! Tessssa!” said Mum. Suddenly, Leah and Tessa woke up in disbelief and look at each other and realised it was just a dream. They slowly wiped their eyes and climbed out of bed and saw something on the floor. It was Marlow’s name tag. That reminded them of the homework that Mrs Amelda gave them. So they drew a picture of themselves and Marlow on the moon. Afterwards, they got dressed for school for a brand new day. They remained puzzled as to how Marlow’s name tag got in their room.


  4. Factual writing, by Isobel…

    About the moon

    The moon is very hot in the day and cold at night. This is because in the day the sun is there to warm the moon up but the sun has gone to bed at night so the sun won’t be able to warm the moon up. The moon is made up of dust because there is a lot of dust in space. Lots of people think the moon is a planet but it isn’t because planets don’t go around Earth but the moon does. You couldn’t live on the moon because there is no air. The moon is the fifth largest moon in the solar system because there are bigger moons for planets. The moon is Earths only natural satellite because the moon is the only natural thing that goes around the Earth. The moon rotates at 10 miles per hour. You can jump high on the moon because the gravity is not strong. People couldn’t surf if there wasn’t a moon because the moon controls the tides. There was a huge rock that hit Earth and now it is called the moon. Lots of dust has been collected together and joined the moon this happened many years ago.


  5. A story, by Anlyn…

    In the night time sky I gazed up at the moon wondering what it would be like on the moon. My dad always told me stories about the moon but I never knew if they were true or false but I never asked my dad that because he would always go on about something else. Anyways when I look at the moon it always made me happy whenever I look at it whether I’m sad or happy. The moon was pure white like it was innocent. Everybody knows it didn’t do anything wrong of course. I opened the window handle that was very slippery and then I heard my mums foots heading to my room. I quickly closed the window jumped into bed and pretended I was asleep. I opened one eye and looked to see if she was still there but she was gone. So I crept out of my bed and got my colouring pens and pencils. First I wrote a story about the moon. I wrote I was on the rocket making my way to my destiny. I was excited and at the same time I was so excited I could scream so loud I could shatter the windows which would of been awkward so I tried to avoid it. I didn’t squeal out loud I said inside me I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. After that I did my victory dance and I did that behind my friends but if they did realise I was doing my victory dance I would just say I’m doing a dance for school but they didn’t really notice so I was safe. I felt like I wanted a nap so I went to my cabin, somehow squished into the sleeping bag, closed the door and fell in a good sleep. After an hour later, I woke up went to my friends and asked them if we’re nearly there yet and then I suddenly saw something white. First of all I was confused and then I realised it was the real moon. I was so excited I wanted to jump out to touch that moon but my friends said to wait for them. When they finished I jumped out first and then I felt like I wanted to touch the moon. So I got close to it and then I wanted to run back because I was so nervous. Then I realised my friends were encouraging me to touch it. With my friends I finally touched it and that was my day, me on the moon. I finally finished my story and all I had to do was do my picture and my picture was the moon and me beside it. It didn’t take that long to finish my picture and when I did finish it I tiptoed back to my bed and fell in a deep sleep.


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