Head Teacher Awards 14.10.16 – and it’s a double whammy this week!


Well, we have five awesome Ospreys to celebrate this week; two from this week, and three from a previous week, when the Year 4s were away on camp!

Let’s start with our budding Year 5 writers, Louie, Bella and Christian, who smashed it with a fantastic character description in their Stone Age stories.  They thought really carefully about how their characters looked, sounded and behaved, and tried to create a personality that their reader could relate to.  Have a read for yourselves…

Here is Louie’s work.  His character is called ‘Person’ because he is from the Stone Age:


And here is Bella’s work.  She has based her character on ‘Eep’, from the Croods:


And this is Christian’s work about a caveman called Cooper:


Aren’t they impressive pieces of work?  The attention to detail was particularly pleasing and really brought their characters to life!

As well as writing some super stories, Osprey class have been making Stone Age jewellery.  (Visit our last post to find out more about these creations!)  This week, Maja and Connor received the Head Teacher Awards for their excellent examples of these ancient artefacts, which would have been carefully constructed using animal bones and shells.  Take a look at them:

Don’t they look great?  I wouldn’t mind wearing these as a matching set!

Well done to these five children, and to the rest of the class too, for their hard work as always!



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