Year 4 Residential to Folly Farm


The Year 4s had a fantastic overnight stay last week at Folly Farm, an educational centre just outside Bristol.  The accommodation, with its far-reaching views, was superb and the surrounding woodlands were waiting to be explored!

We squeezed in so many activities in just a couple of days: mini-beast hunting; making a home for a small mammal; pond-dipping; using identification charts; dissecting owl pellets; setting up humane traps to catch small mammals, filled with plenty of food and straw for their overnight stay, and releasing them the following morning; night walking; listening out for owls and bats; shelter building and fire-lighting!

We also enjoyed the delicious evening meal and cooked breakfast, eating our packed lunches out on the lawn, cooking over a fire and sharing a room with friends.  A huge amount of fun was fitted into 30 hours! Most of the photos are on the school website, but here are a few to whet your appetite…


2 thoughts on “Year 4 Residential to Folly Farm”

  1. I loved it at folly farm it was the best school trip ever i didn’t want to leave but i was excited to see my parents and im very happy that we have teachers like them i’m very lucky that the teachers planned this for us SO THANK YOU FOR THIS SCHOOL TRIP LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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