All about the Stone Age…



Here are some facts and theories about the Stone Age period…

There were two types of Stone Age people: the hunters and the gatherers.

There is a theory that men can see things further away and women can see things much closer to them.  This could be because the cave men used to search the horizon to help them hunt and the cave women were keeping an eye on the children in their homes.  This could explain why mums can find our homework in our messy bedrooms in Nano-seconds when we have been looking for 5 hours!

As time went on, Stone Age tools and shelters improved.

They told stories through cave art and paintings instead of words.

They started using fire regularly for everyday use during the Stone Age for warmth, light and cooking.

They killed animals for food.

They skinned animals for clothes and shelter-building.

This is just a small portion of what we have learned so far.  You will hear about all this, and  much more, at our class celebration at the end of term!

Thanks for reading!

From Osprey Class 😉


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