Save our Bees!

For our science work for STEM week we have been looking at bees and how vital they are to us. We have been discussing and designing solutions to help our bees thrive. We have been identifying what the biggest threats to bees are and how we can help to reduce these threats. The children were really on board and proactive in their desires to create some places for our bees to rest, feed and drink.

For more information, the children can look at the friends of the earth website that we looked at in class.

Friends of the Earth-Bees

This toolkit also has some useful ideas…

A toolkit for bee helpers

Well done Osprey for creating some imaginative and original ideas for saving our bees!


World Book Day 2019

What a fabulous day with some wacky costumes and lots and lots of wonderful book talk. The children have been rotating around different classrooms working on different creative tasks based around a story. There has been art work, drama and lots of lovely story telling. In Osprey, we focused on the Shel Silverstein story, ‘The Giving Tree’. We discussed the importance of giving to others and wrote our ideas down on a leaf. We decorated our leaves with fine line detail and hope to display them within school. Hopefully today has inspired the children to read more, give more and perhaps pick up a new book from the book sale. Don’ t forget your book token!

Happy reading, folks!


Internet safety discussion

Today in Osprey class we had a really important and spontaneous chat about internet safety, following a playtime conversation which raised some concerns for a few children. We had an in-depth and healthy conversation about how the internet can be both an amazing resource and yet a minefield at the same time.

The children were encouraged to talk to a trusted adult if they felt they had any more concerns or questions which may arise following this discussion.

Here are a few tips which we discussed in class, which we thought would be useful to share with you all.

Our trip to ‘We the Curious!’

We had a fabulous time on our visit today to ‘We the Curious’ in Bristol. Beginning with some songs on the coach to start us off and ending with some sleeping children on the coach back! We got to explore both levels of the museum; creating animations, experimenting with bubbles, loads of sensory exploration and learning about the human body.

A highlight of our trip would have to be a visit to the 3D planetarium where we were immersed in our solar system on a ‘Grand Tour’. We saw Earth from above and chose some different landscapes and ideas to explore. Cat, the astrophysicist and astronomer was informative and her presentation was really interesting and interactive.

The children learnt lots of new facts and very much enjoyed their time at the museum.