Tag Tails Triumph

Our Year Four children played against three other schools in a tag-tails tournament. St. Philip’s children were amazing! Here is an account from Joe:

‘Today, we went to a tag- tails tournament. The first match we played against Combe Down Team A. It was all girls and a very exciting game. Then we had a little break. After we did that,

we got called on by Mr Gunning to play against St. Martin’s. It was the closest game yet. At the end it was one on one and we ended up winning because Nick got their tag just in time. ‘

There were some really tense moments during the game, a few injuries and lots of brave moments when a St. Philip’s member would attack, running through the enemy lines and making it back through unscathed.

It was impressive and awe inspiring to watch! Well done, St. Philip’s!


Sport’s Day !

Well how fortunate we were with the weather for our Sport’s Day- not too hot and not too cold! It was lovely to see all the parents who could attend and watch how fast and fit our children are! Osprey are just a little bit proud to have the fastest Y4 boy runner and the fastest Y5 boy runner in our class too! Osprey worked really well as a class and within their individual teams. Super work, Osprey!

Our Digestive System Experiment

Today we got messy with an experiment replicating the function of the digestive system. Last week we looked at the function of the teeth and this week we looked at how food moves down the oesophagus, into the stomach, through the ileum, colon and anus. The children enjoyed watching and making the food move on its journey through the body.  Admittedly some were a little repulsed at seeing the process of the food being digested…

We also enjoyed estimating the time it takes for food to move from the mouth to the stomach and learning about what happens if you are upside down!


Scroll to the end to find the recipe for these delicious treats…


Space Rock Cakes

Once the children had weighed and measured out their ingredients, they were prepped and ready to go.


There was mixing and whisking, cracking and kneading. Oh, and a few sticky hands!


After the children had cooked them and left them to cool, the rock cakes were lightly sprayed with gold and silver edible glitter to make them look like space rocks!

The children really enjoyed the taste test!


Click here for the recipe, from BBC Food.

Save our Bees!

For our science work for STEM week we have been looking at bees and how vital they are to us. We have been discussing and designing solutions to help our bees thrive. We have been identifying what the biggest threats to bees are and how we can help to reduce these threats. The children were really on board and proactive in their desires to create some places for our bees to rest, feed and drink.

For more information, the children can look at the friends of the earth website that we looked at in class.

Friends of the Earth-Bees

This toolkit also has some useful ideas…

A toolkit for bee helpers

Well done Osprey for creating some imaginative and original ideas for saving our bees!

World Book Day 2019

What a fabulous day with some wacky costumes and lots and lots of wonderful book talk. The children have been rotating around different classrooms working on different creative tasks based around a story. There has been art work, drama and lots of lovely story telling. In Osprey, we focused on the Shel Silverstein story, ‘The Giving Tree’. We discussed the importance of giving to others and wrote our ideas down on a leaf. We decorated our leaves with fine line detail and hope to display them within school. Hopefully today has inspired the children to read more, give more and perhaps pick up a new book from the book sale. Don’ t forget your book token!

Happy reading, folks!