D&T: Making a Roman Ballista

The children in Osprey class had a great day today.  Not only was it Christmas jumper Day, but they had fun creating a Roman ballista, a powerful catapult used by the Roman army.  Working in pairs, they exercised their skills of teamwork, measuring, sawing, glue-gunning, hand-drilling and following a set of instructions independently. The Y4s got to test theirs today and the Y5s will test theirs on Friday with Owl and Kestrel classes – the competition is on!

Have a look at them so far…



Roman Baths Trip!


Osprey had another opportunity to immerse themselves in Roman culture this week as they were transported back in time, roughly 2000 years, to Roman Bath. They had great fun exploring artifacts, creating mosaics and dressing as Romans.

The children were fascinated to learn about how the Romans used the Baths through an audio guide and very much enjoyed exploring the beautiful remains.

Trip to Caerleon’s Roman Fortress

Related image

Well, after our coaches eventually turned up, the first exciting part of the day (seemingly!) was crossing the Severn bridge into Wales! I’ve never heard so many squeals of delight! The weather was certainly looking overcast, but I think we just about got away with it, with a splattering of rain and wind towards the end of the day.

Osprey, Eagle and Hawk classes were split into three groups, and rotated around several activities.  Take a look at what we got up to:

Dressing up as a Roman soldier

Exploring the amphitheatre

Taking a look round the barracks

Experiencing a Roman school day

 Visiting the local Baths

Investigating the Roman artefacts

These three have just discovered what this one is used for, and are rather amused!



Thanks to all the parents who came with us to help.  We hope you enjoyed the day as much as the children did!

Roman Topic Day


On Wednesday we had our first topic day of the year – this time on the Romans.  The class rotated around the school throughout the day and visited each of the other junior teachers to do a fun activity.  We also had the opportunity to dress up if we wished.  Here are some snapshots of what we got up to!

Puppet Gladiators:

Roman Wreaths:

Mosaic Painting:

Roman Catapults:

You will be able to see some of the results from the day displayed around the school soon, so look out for that when you’re next in!

The best gift this Christmas…

Related imageWe are privileged again this year to take part in the Christmas shoe box appeal and to make somebody, somewhere, smile!

Thanks to all those who have already brought in a filled shoe box.  There is still time to bring one in – remember we would like to beat last year’s amount, and are aiming for 100 boxes!

If you are unable to fill a whole shoe box, we are creating at least one as a class so you are welcome to bring in an item or two to add to our Osprey box if you prefer.  Again, thanks to those of you who have already brought things in!

Possible items to bring:

  • toothpaste
  • toothbrush
  • flannel
  • soap
  • sweets (not chocolate)
  • socks or underwear
  • T-shirt
  • Pencil crayons
  • Small toy
  • Cuddly toy

Thank you so much!

Running dictation

Osprey class had an active English lesson today running around outside our classroom!

Each group had a scribe, who had to stay in one place in the playground, and some runners.  Their task was to run to an area where they would find a clipboard with a paragraph attached.  The children would then read it through, try to remember as much of it as they could, and then run back to their scribe with a memorised section of the text! The scribe would then have to write it down, word for word, with no spelling mistakes or missed punctuation! The runners could return as many times as they liked, with their main challenge being to deliver the message as accurately as possible to their scribe!

Here they are, hurtling around trying to complete the task with 100% accuracy!